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Guidelines for Success

Keys for a successful project:

Short Iterations

Break off a piece of your application and work on building or improving that for a short time. Initially this should only be a few hours of work that both parties go over carefully before starting work on the next iteration. As you gain more trust, you can work in larger chunks, as long as communication is fluent. Regardless of trust, there should at least be some kind of demo and significant testing at least once per week. Note: do not start work on the next iteration until you have received payment for the previous one.

Attack Challenges Early

Identify technical or business challenges early on and try to address them right away. Prioritization is key. There is always a temptation to add many different features or ideas. Its critical to focus on the most important aspects of the system, and especially start to work on them early if they are difficult.

Cryptocurrency Addresses

You may consider posting some information about payment in the project thread. That would include a reception of the code and working demo or iteration, an agreement for payment and amount, as well as the sending and receiving cryptocurrency address. This provides a public record of payment or non-payment which others can check. It could save someone from being scammed or taken advantage of in the future if there is a problem.

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Post Project Specifications Here


Remember, you must READ and FOLLOW the RULES as well as the ones on this page or you will be banned!

There is only one type of post allowed here, and four types of replies. Posts are specifications only, as described in the rules.

Replies must be either A) clarification requests (when there is ambiguity in the specification) or B) include links to demo applications or videos (read and follow the rules, see link above), C) acknowledgement of questions where the poster then updates the specification or D) replies recording an agreement to enter into a contract or publicly documenting aspects of the transaction such as code reception and payment for iterations (see Guidelines).

Once you have made a post, you may not attempt to make the programmer develop the application inside of the topic by requesting changes in the thread without first paying for the time spent developing the demo. If you see a good demo, you may contact the programmer as you like and hire/contract them. Once they have received payment for their time working on the demo then they can continue work (not before).

READ THE RULES in the link above and follow them or you will be banned.

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Announcements regarding our community

Volunteer Moderators Needed

Please send me a message to apply.

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